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Client Profile

At One Love Off the Rack we believe in humanity’s ability to unite under "One Love," one relationship, one conversation, one act of kindness at a time.

Information + Inspiration + Application = Elevation

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The Challenge

Born from the global social justice and racial healing movements of 2020,
One Love Off the Rack had the ambitious goal of stepping into what some considered a saturated market with a clothing line aimed at uniting all people under the banner of God's love. 

One Love Off the Rack came to The Upper Room Project with the goal of elevating their brand, developing a social media strategy, and rebuilding an outdated online store.
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A quick examination of the One Love Off the Rack market allowed us to establish a path toward achieving the company's desire to establish its brand and begin impacting society. 
The Upper Room Project provided a vital analysis of One Love Off the Rack's competition and developed a strategy that would lead to a successful rebranding.
By creating a creative platform and establishing an emotional translation of One Love Off the Rack's positioning statement, The Upper Room Project executed a communications strategy and established a tone that led to increased online engagement, a 40% bump in sales, and positioned the brand for celebrity endorsement. 

The team at One Love Off the Rack wanted their target audience to experience three things when they engaged with them online. 

  • Authenticity

  • They are now a part of something bigger than themselves

  • They are loved and belong

See if you get that same feeling when you experience the One Love Off the Rack online store or social media. 

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Social Media

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Web Design

Layout & Strategic Design

Copy Editing
Content Editing
Content Design

Graphic Design

Video Production

Video Production

Visual Effects

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One Love Off the Rack
Visual Effects

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ONe Love Off the Rack

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