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Speaking and Workshops

At Elevate 1 Consulting, Eddy and Erica offer transformative experiences through engaging lectures, exclusive guest features, and interactive workshops. They expertly guide audiences through the challenging discussions that often hinder individuals, groups, and businesses from achieving pivotal advancements. Testimonials from those who have had the opportunity to engage with Eddy, both in-person and virtually, highlight a journey of challenge, enlightenment, and inspiration.


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Our approach to leadership is deeply rooted in understanding and empathy, qualities that we believe are essential for creating inclusive, supportive, and effective work environments. With a dynamic speaking style and a deep commitment to engaging with audiences, we strive to inspire change and foster a culture of compassion and understanding in organizations of all sizes. Whether addressing corporate executives, emerging leaders, or dedicated teams, we tailor each presentation to the needs of the audience, ensuring that every participant leaves with actionable insights and a renewed commitment to leading with empathy.

Companies who have worked with our team...

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