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Connecting the Hearts of the People to the Heart of God.

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Client Profile
Sowing Seeds of Joy strives for global reach, excellence, and collaboration in all its events, experiences, strategies, and operations. We are committed to being Relational, Intentional, Strategic, and Evangelistic in our global reach.

The Challenge

The Sowing Seeds of Joy ministry has been faithfully serving God's people around the globe since 1998. With a hand in so many partnerships, projects, and mission trips each year, the leadership at Sowing Seeds of Joy had little time to think of things like brand and web design. However, they knew that their target audience didn't quite know what they did or how. That is where they asked The Upper Room Project to step in.
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Sowing Seeds of Joy is an organization that offers a number of ways for its target audience to serve but struggled to tell their story. So we began their brand refresh process by first diving into the ministry's "why." 

From the moment that Sowing Seeds of Joy truly understood their "why," we were able to refine and sharpen their mission, vision, and values, which provided the lens needed to more clearly see their services through. 
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With the proper lens in place, Sowing Seeds of Joy could position itself as an in-demand commodity in a ministry field desperate for Christ-centered direction in diversity and inclusion.

Sowing Seeds of Joy was also able to leverage its position to establish its first blog on missions, provide consultation services, and open its first online store. All of which created a variety of income streams to support their ministry as well as their missionaries.

The greatest digital task that we tackled for Sowing Seeds of Joy was to create an online environment for visitors that allowed for easy navigation and to provide an understanding of ways that one can get involved in the ministry. 

Now visitors to the Sowing Seeds of Joy site can easily find ways to grow, give, and go through intuitive navigation and audience-focused pathways.

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In fall 2021, we successfully designed and launched the Sowing Seeds of Joy online store called "Seeds Creations." Through Seeds Creations, supporters of the Sowing Seeds of Joy ministry can now purchase apparel, decor, and accessories that help fund the mission.

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Sowing Seeds of Joy Missions Minded Hoodie
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Layout & Strategic Design
Web Design
Video Editing
Logo Design
Brand Development
Visual Effects
Organizational Strategy

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